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Creative Skin Med. Equip. Inc. is a distributor of dermatological devices and beauty equipment which was established in 2003. Our company is committed in bringing the best medical tools and products to the hands of doctors all over the Philippines. Our extensive market knowledge and understanding for the client’s needs are key ingredients to our success in supporting them and providing them with the right solution.

As one of the largest and leading distributors in the Philippines, our company insists on the sales principle of “top quality global service”. We provide excellent after-sales service to satisfy client requirements and high performance-price ratio products that allow clients to earn more profit. Our aesthetic and medical devices are being adopted by a rapidly increasing number of leading medical and dermatological practitioners which is why we constantly seek out new products to cater to their ever evolving requirements. We focus on staying ahead of the market demands by providing competitive prices and keeping pace with the latest internationally recognized technology, in order to continuously distribute the most innovative medical and dermatological devices.



UST 31st Postgraduate Course 2018

Medical and Procedural Dermatology: Skin, Hair and Nails

March 15 and 16, 2018

Discovery Pico Plus the Tattoo Ghost Buster