• Skin photo ageing and its consequences; treatment of dermal atrophy
    Treatment Areas: Face, Neck, Cleavage, Back of hands, Internal face of arms, Internal face of the thighs, Peri-umbilical area, Abdomen (stretch marks).
    • UV induced skin photo ageing Laxity
    Treatment Areas: Face, Abdomen (stretch marks), Peri-umbilical area, Internal face of arms or thighs, Legs or buttocks, Back of hands, Cleavage, Neck. SAGONI MELT (Logo of SAGONI)
    • Edematous Fibrosclerotic Panniculopathy
    Treatment Areas: Legs, buttocks/Back of the thighs, abdomen, arms
    • Reduce aspect of swollen eyes Smooth eyes contour Enhances skin elasticity
    Treatement Areas: Area around the eyes, up to temporal area and bags under the eyes, circles, dark circles.
    • Dermal hypotrophy, Dermal atrophy, Dermal laxity (cutis laxa), Skin elastosis Dermal implant containing a non cross-linked hyaluronic acid, solubilized in a protective buffer, for treating dermal hypotrophy, dermal atrophy, dermal laxity (cutis laxa) and other skin diseases directly related to skin photo ageing aftermaths as is skin elastosis.
    Treatment Areas: face, neck and decolletage
    • Photo-aging and sun damaged skins
    Treatment Areas: Face, neck and décolletage
    • Alopecia, Hair Restoration
    Treatment Areas: Scalp
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