• A new TCA-based chemical peeling enhanced with antioxidants, glycolic and citric acid focused for lightening effect. Its formula is especially designed to improve the intimate skin texture, and clarify skin color imperfection, providing turgor, firming and tensor effect.
    • HAPPY intim® Peel is a special medical solution aimed to lighten and rejuvenate whilst improving skin quality and tightening of the skin on genital area.
    • Happy Intim® Revival is formulated with non cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Silicium and combined with a protective buffer that gives the patient a high level of comfort immediately after laser and radiofrequency. Maintains moisture and comfort during rehabilitation whilst delaying the intimate aging process.
    • Happy Intim Rebirth Gel is a non cross-linked HA 15% gel with amino acids to helps with intimate rejuvenation and volumizing.
    • To reduce skin color imperfections
    • Rejuvenates the appearance of the skin on the anogenital areas
    • Prevent the visible signs of aging on the anogenital areas
    • Gentle exfoliation and dermis remodeling
    • Improves skin texture and appearance, provide turgor, unify the tone, firming and tensor effect
    • Phototypes I to VI
    • pH~0,5
    • Prevention and correction of skin aging
    • Moisturizing properties
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