1 G-Cool



Electroporation with Cooling & Heating
Electroporation is the transitory structural perturbation of lipid bilayers membranes due to the application of high voltage pulses. Its application to the skin has been shown to increase transdermal drug delivery.



The cooling effect results in a higher stimulation of the tissues, thus facilitating a better penetration and distribution of the product applied for up to 90%. This way the patient can immediately appreciate visible results from the very first session.

The cooling treatment shocks the body into action by reviving up blood circulation. In addition, Cooling protects the skin surface and intercept blood vessel absorption by contracting a capillary during penetration of solution.

Increase transdermal drug delivery
Vitamin C penetration function with Electroporation.
No Needle Meso Therapy
Post Care After Laser or MTS
Skin Tone
Post Care-Cooling and Soothing Effect

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