3 Face

Three in One Device
Orbital Microdermabrasion
Mechanical Micro-pulsations
High Brightness Light Massage (HBLM™) Phototherapy



With its three different, synergic technologies, 3 Face can be used to treat any type of facial blemish. The machine can be employed for a complete range of treatments from orbital microdermabrasion to mechanical micro-pulsations and innovative HBLM phototherapy treatment, ending with a computerized facial micro-massage. With its orbital head, the dermo-abrasor can be employed to remove the stratum corneum and various layers of the epidermis.

Blemishes Skin
Stretch marks
Pore Reduction
Photo Activation
Skin Rejuvenation
Wrinkle Reduction
Fine line treatment
Collagen Stimulation
Aged and sun-damaged skin correction
Active Acne (Treated by 350÷510nm HBLM™ handpiece only)

Support Online
Support Online