The RF Duo for Innovative Acne Treatment

10min treatment
30% less pain
3x stronger energy




AcGen uses monopolar RF to deliver optimal energy to the target depth.






Insulated 1 Needle Tip

Direct RF energy delivery to each sebaceous gland without skin burn.







AcGen TM uses 3 times stronger energy than the basic energy required for acne treatment without burning the skin.

– Basic energy requirement: 65 to 103J/cm2, 2.3sec


Short Treatment

AcGen TM is effective on skin tightening as well as acne within 10 mins (80shots).


Real-time MSR (Measuring Skin Resistance Technology)

To heat dermal area, optimal energy is irradiated to the optimal delivery due to the real time skin resistance measurement.

AcGen™ works for acne treatment and skin tightening simultaneously by using 2 different tips at once.


Support Online
Support Online