Cooltech is the most exclusive and safe device for cryoadipolysis treatments. Its innovative system enables to simultaneously use two handpieces, which provides visible results and homogeneous effect for the body contour of the patient from the first session.


Multiple body areas can be treated with Cooltech with its special applicators is another one of the enormous advantages of this equipment, since full body contouring can be done in just a few sessions.  It is a non-invasive procedure with no need for recovery time. The patient can return to his/her everyday life on the same day of the session.


Straight HP

It is the head which has greatest capacity. Indicated for treating large areas on flat surfaces. (Folds thicker than 35 mm and lengths up to 14 cm).






Curved HP

Specially designed for working on curved areas without losing suction capacity. (Folds thinner than 35 mm and lengths up to 15,5 cm).







Double HP

Designed to be able to treat the entire length of the abdominal area in a single session and in a homogeneous way. (Folds thicker than 35 mm and lengths up to 19,8 cm).







Tight HP

Designed for treating narrow fat folds. This is the ideal complement for the Straight HP in final sessions, being able to completely remove more localised fat. (Folds thinner than 35 mm and lengths up to 12 cm).






Tiny HP

Its small size is indicated for areas of highly reduced and difficult-to-access fat, such as axillary fold, double chin, upper fold of the knees, etc. (Folds thinner than 20 mm and lengths up to 6,9 cm).






Oval HP

Its wide head opening allows treating large areas and hardened fat in which suction is difficult. Ideal for legs and flanks. (Areas of 10 x 14,2 cm).