GSD sptf+




Photo Therapy Flash System

GSD SPTF is an multi-application treatment
platform equipped with PTF (phototherapy flash)
technology which is an advance and innovated
system from traditional IPL which makes it more
efficient compare to the normal IPL machine.


It is engineered for precision to offers greater
versatility with higher accuracy and efficacy compared
to old technology models. The large ergonomic
handpiece with unique bi-lamp tube containing
flash lamps offers a quick treatment, consistent
flash strength to the entire treatment area,
more comfort and safer treatments compared to
the old IPL machines where the handpiece contained
only one.

1. Six alternative lamp with different spot size allowing faster treatment approach with lesser cost.
2. The largest spot size: 21×47mm: Offering quicker and more effective treatment.
3. Multi-wavelength with wide pulse duration which enable heat energy to penetrate deeper into the skin
surface with maximum comfortability and safety

Energy range :8-60J
Input power :600W(Max)
Wavelength :500–1200nm 400–1200nm
Pulse duration :30– 45ms
Pulse repetition time :2– 6s
Power supply :100V,20A,50/60Hz 220V,10A,50/60Hz