The Ideal Treatment For Lifting / Tightening

GFR™ Technology (Grid Fractional Radio Frequency™)
Grid fractional radio frequency energy creates thermal grid shapes on epidermis and thermal uniform zone in upper dermis during RF emission.
The IntraGen™ system includes a 6 MHz generator that delivers RF energy through a sophisticated treatment tip.

Real Time Impedance Feedback System
The tip at the end of the hand piece treats on the selected epidermal area

Intragen™ provides various treatment from a very shallow or very small treatment area to a very large or deep treatment area.

Intragen™ tip set is equipped with RF card and tip. Each set is composed the most optimized parameter for the highest performance.

Small Tip

7 x 7 mm

Upper eyelid

Lip Hand

Full Tip

15 x 15 mm

Full Face

Lifting \ Nasolabial Fold \ Chin Line \ Skin Toning \ Texturing \ Large Pore
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