LifeViz® Mini

The first portable 3D imaging system capable of capturing the face for:  skin analysis, measurements, simulation, before/after comparison



The system is based on a particular version of stereo-photogrammetry where the 2D images are automatically merged by the QuantifiCare suite into a 3D representation. The LifeViz® technology enables quantification of volume changes and detection of fine surface details.

The 3D LifeViz Mini® has been designed for face and small body parts (cleavage, hands, armpit…).

User-friendly Solutions

Reproducible pictures are possible without repositioning systems, thanks to dual beam pointers. Take three photos which are then automatically stitched to reconstruct the patient’s face in 3D. No need to block an entire exam room.


The 3D Skincare module for skin evaluation

Evaluate the patient’s skin health using multivariate analysis for the following measurements:

  • Wrinkles
  • Pores
  • Oiliness
  • Evenness
  • Red spots / Brown spots
  • Red map / Brown map.

Generate 3D animations and a report of skin health parameters to guide the treatment approach and communicate suitable aesthetic options.

Create your own library of skin care products and make treatments recommendations by selecting them in your catalog browser.

Demonstrate and evaluate treatment efficacy: choose among a variety of comparison options which can be exported as high quality images or animated videos:

  • Side by side 


  • Silhouette   


  • Slide          


The Face Shaper module for Aesthetic Simulation

In just a few seconds, project into the future and show your patient the benefits of aesthetic treatments or surgical interventions by simulating before / after results on a real and complete 3D image. Highlight treatment options and meet your patient expectations with personalized 3D simulations. It will reassure your patients, increase retention and ultimately grow your practice.