LifeViz® Body

The FIRST Portable 3D Imaging System Capable of Capturing the Body and Breast.




The LifeViz® Body is a unique system composed of a 3D camera mounted on a tripod with a turntable allowing quick 360° capture of a 3D body image. The system can generate 3D images of the body and breast to simulate procedures and photo-document before/after interventions, without blocking an entire exam room with cumbersome equipment.


Accurate & Reproducible

The dual beam pointer system and adapted it with one distance for the face and one for breast available in one switch. Then, for the first time, reproducible pictures are possible without repositioning and/or multi-head systems for face and breast. A powerful external dual flash will make you forget about any external lighting conditions.


Quick & Easy

 In minutes, you can view and begin assessment of patient needs for body or breast.


The Advantages of Lifeviz Body for Patient Assessment:


Quickly Obtain Measurements

Objectively assess baseline measurements and compare between visits


Ease in Treatment Selection

Use real-time simulation to align with patient expectations tailored to their anatomy.

Make more effective use of contouring devices to anticipate volume changes. For breast augmentation, generate implant recommendations automatically to adapt to patient anatomy.




The Body Shaper Module

Use your body shaping devices more effectively by quantifying expected volume changes in advance. Use real-time simulation to align patient expectations with their anatomy.


The Breast Shaper Module

The Breast Shaper module is a measurement and simulation tool: The best instrument for patients to project into the future and engage in treatment.
Breast Shaper simulates a breast augmentation procedure according to a range of implant choices, in a “life-like” way: Patient’s anatomic geometry and skin quality are accurate and realistic. It saves time in the consultation process by obtaining breast measurements by one simple click. Then automatically generates implant recommendations best suited to your patient’s anatomy. Doctors can browse in a catalog to simulate breast augmentation results for any patient.

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