MedFlash II

Intense Pulsed Light Technology



This innovative GP system is used for phototherapy applications with integrated cooling system in the hand piece, making treatments comfortable, safe and effective. The machine is equipped with interchangeable lamps and filters. Two lamps with different emission spectrum are provided, which combined with the various filters available, allow a large number of applications. The machine automatically recognises the lamps and the filters used, at the same time providing valuable indicationss to adapt the treatment to any skin type.

Skin Cooling System with adjustable temperature from -2°C to +25°C
Spot Size: 50x25mm, 35x15mm, 20x10mm | No Gel needed

Permanent Hair Reduction
Non-Ablative Skin Photo Rejuvenation
Active Acne Treatment
Pigment Lesion (Melasma, Lentigo)
Vascular Lesion (Rosacea, Telangiectasia, Diffuse Erythema)
Optional Psoriasis and Vitiligo

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Support Online