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  • Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB)

DEKA laser:

a world evolving rapidly!

A new, even more complete product has been conceived based on the great success of the Motus AX system that radically transformed the world of laser hair removal.

Motus AY adds a Nd:YAG laser source to the technological innovation of its predecessor, broadening the range of possible treatments. Not only laser hair removal and pigmented lesions, but also vascular treatments to meet the growing demand of patients. A unique system that is compact, effective, and safe – with an incomparable quality to price ratio.

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Motus AY is the new system that DEKA has developed to complete the Motus AX Alexandrite laser. A system without rivals, with all the benefits and no disadvantages of Alexandrite laser, now equipped with a Nd:YAG laser source too:

  • The Alex wavelength is the only one which is effective when treating fine and light hair. No other type of laser is able to combine an efficient melanin absorption (at 755 nm), a high peak power (more than 6,000 W) and the possibility of selecting a short pulse length (up to 2 ms).
  • The Nd:YAG source at 1,064 nm completes the system adding a wavelength which penetrates deep inside the skin to be effective in vascular treatment, not only for the face but also for legs where vessels are more difficult to be reached.
  • The Moveo handpiece (available for both Alex and Nd:YAG) allows unwanted hair to be removed by means of a new method that is easier, faster, safer, painless and more effective.
  • An innovative technology structurally simplifies the heart of the laser system, reducing costs and maintenance problems.
  • A compact, portable system with a surprisingly low cost!
  • The new Moveo PL handpiece allows to treat skin spots by progressively heating the lesion, guaranteeing excellent efficacy without causing discolouration or hypopigmentation.


The Moveo handpiece with the sapphire tip, developed by DEKA’s R&D, is the killer application in medical laser hair removal. It is a new idea based on 4 fundamental concepts:

The Effectiveness of Technological Innovation

Moveo handpiece is available for both Alex and Nd:YAG laser, but it is at 755 nm that it shows its extraordinary innovation. The energy emitted by a laser system with wavelength visible and near infrared radiation is largely reflected by the skin. The graph illustrates the reflectivity of the skin at various wavelengths and melanin content. For instance, the 755 nm Alexandrite laser wavelength demonstrates the percentage of reflection with melanin content of 8% (corresponds to phototype III) is over 50%. This is a significant portion of energy lost during the treatment, which cannot be used for therapeutic purposes.

This is due to the high variation of reflectance between the skin and the surrounding air.The Moveo handpiece was designed to solve this problem. DEKA has developed a technology using a sapphire tip that drastically reduces the amount of energy reflected by the skin, with an efficiency that has never been seen until now!

All the Advantages but without Limitations!

MOVEO • handpiece

Moveo Technology. Simply Extraordinary

DEKA has developed a new technology intended to revolutionise the world of laser hair removal.

Moveo is an innovative idea based on 4 fundamental concepts:

  • Effectiveness
  • Speed
  • Simplicity
  • Safety


  • Thanks to a sapphire tip, the handpiece design enables to doubles the energy transfer in comparison with standard laser systems.
  • Moveo was created to work with the Synchro REPLA:Y systems and the new Motus AX. It mainly uses

a wavelength of 755 nm, which is universally recognised as the most effective hair removal (especially for light and/or fine hair for which other wavelengths are ineffective).


  • Moveo acts with simple, even movements over specific areas, removing unwanted hair faster

through its 20 mm tip size.


  • The simplified software and integrated database permit rapid choice of treatment parameters for any phototype, area and hair type.
  • An accumulator displays the energy delivered during treatment and an acoustic signal warns the user when the desired end-point has been reached.


  • The contact cooling system integrated into handpiece guarantees maximum patient comfort.
  • The Moveo method consists of repeated passages on small areas, inducing a gradual heating of the vital parts of the hair and leading to their destruction in a way that it is totally painless for the patient and without side effects.

Moveo can also be used with the Nd:YAG laser

of Synchro REPLA:Y systems.

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