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The 3rd Generation develop full set table top system for Permanent Hair Reduction (SHR+LPL). it is equipped with MED Pulse Technology or MPT which is an exclusive technology of LaserTell. This system make the device delivers the right pulse and fluence for each application providing a
result that consistent and reproducilbe. LightMED is also equipped with Advanced Fluorescene Technology or AFT which is excellent in wide array of specirums for a broad range of treatment combination.
The high fluence Pre-Chilled Technology applies a cooling mechanism to chill the skin brefor and during treatment, increasing treatment efficacy and patient comfort


-Energy Density(fluence)
-Spot Size
-Pulse Repetition Rate
-Pulse Duration

:690-950nm(SHR) 415/585/645-1200nm(iPL)
:16x50mm2(SHR);16x 50mm2(ilp)
:Single and Multi-Pulse