TRI-BEAM Premium™



Rich-PTP for Subcellular Selective Photothermolysis
Deliver high power energy at 1.6J (per shot) -Use 20Hz Practically 40Hz d/t Dual pulse
Produce mild thermal effect by 2 pulse peak energy -Minimizes Hyperpigmentation / Hypopigmentation / Pain
Simulate collagen remodeling

  • 2 pulse of TRI-BEAM Premium™ delivers more efficacy and minimizes the adverse effects for Melasma treatment.
  • 2 pulse low peak energy : less hyper/hypo pigmentation, less pain

Zoom Handpiece
Adjustable spot sizes between 2-10mm according to the size of the lesion.

Collimation Handpiece
Application of the same energy regardless of the distance between the lesion and the handpiece. Allows a safe and fast procedure.

Fractional Handpiece
A total of 81 dots are applied in a spot size of 5mm*5mm.

The Laser for Pigmented Lesion:
Epidermal Pigment: Q-Switched 532nm Dermal Pigment: Q-Switched 1064nm

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